Maxtor 3200 USB – 400GB


I bought myself a Maxtor 3200 USB Harddisk with 400GB to replace a broken harddisk from my server with it an put a smaller HD in the Maxtor case.

So here are some pictures how it looks when its open (was a bit tricky).


The tricky part were the nipples which you can see on the following 2 pics:



What me really shocked, was that inside the Maxtor case was a Seagate harddisk (thats the brand I wanted to avoid buying, because the harddisk that died in the server is a Seagate and for about 1 year another Seagate died):


But why is there a Seagate harddisk in a Maxtor case? Because Seagate buyed Maxtor. <- I've should have known this before I breaked the warranty seal ;-) Bye, Sven

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