Tool of the week: photorec


today I’ve encountered a real problem: my granny formatted her sd-card with all the photos of their holidays.

As Linux User I don’t wanted to boot Windows, but every result for photo recovery in Google pointed to free win tools…
than I found some hint that „The Sleuth Kit“ could be a helpfull tool. But I just found the 3 photos that were made after the format.

Just before giving up, I tried apt-cache search photo recovery and it showed me only one result: testdisk.
Moment, testdisk? The tool to recovery partitions? Uhm.
Lets do an apt-cache show testdisk – and wow, this tool contains also a tool named photorec and that was just what I wanted and needed, it was able to recover nearly all the photos and videos (about 242 files – was just an 256MB sdcard).

To show you how mighty this tool is, here a list of files it can recover:

* Sun/NeXT audio data (.au)
* RIFF audio/video (.avi/.wav)
* BMP bitmap (.bmp)
* bzip2 compressed data (.bz2)
* Source code written in C (.c)
* Canon Raw picture (.crw)
* Canon catalog (.ctg)
* FAT subdirectory
* Microsoft Office Document (.doc)
* Nikon dsc (.dsc)
* HTML page (.html)
* JPEG picture (.jpg)
* MOV video (.mov)
* MP3 audio (MPEG ADTS, layer III, v1) (.mp3)
* Moving Picture Experts Group video (.mpg)
* Minolta Raw picture (.mrw)
* Olympus Raw Format picture (.orf)
* Portable Document Format (.pdf)
* Perl script (.pl)
* Portable Network Graphics (.png)
* Raw Fujifilm picture (.raf)
* Contax picture (.raw)
* Rollei picture (.rdc)
* Rich Text Format (.rtf)
* Shell script (.sh)
* Tar archive (.tar )
* Tag Image File Format (.tiff)
* Microsoft ASF (.wma)
* Sigma/Foveon X3 raw picture (.x3f)
* zip archive (.zip)

And as another bonus, this tool is text-only but menu-driven, so also non experienced users can use it.

Thanks to the authors!


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